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Dear customers!


Due to the current epidemiological situation in the world related to the coronavirus infection COVID-19, and also in order to take the measures for preventing its further extension, since April 13 up to May 31, 2020 the format of work of the United Trading Site of Belneftekhim Concern is changing.

Kindly ask You to pay attention to the following:

1. The auctions will be held in the normal mode; the meeting of the United commission will be in the format – audio, video conference.

2. For the issues regarding the registration at the Electronic auction system for purchasing of oil products, the submission of the documents, the conclusion of the agreements, making the invoices ask You to direct by phone: +375 33 911-69-49, e-mail: The contact person – Kravchenya Irina.

Concerning the issues of the participation in the auctions on the chemical and petrochemical products ask You to direct by phone: +375 29 622-33-20, e-mail: The contact person – Illarionova Anzhelika.

3. In case You are in need of the amount of the product different from that set on the auctions, ask You to write messages in the specific lot in any active sublot.

On all issues regarding the technical support of the auction process, You need to use e-mail: or phone: +375 17 277-21-07.

        Asking to take into the consideration – OTHER COMMUNICATION METHODS WILL BE UNAVAILABLE.












A unified electronic marketplace of the Belarusian State Company for Oil and Chemicals has been created to optimize the export of oil, chemical, and petrochemical products for the companies of the system of the «Belneftekhim» concern.

A special software product, eTrading System, has been developed to hold electronic auctions. Access to the marketplace, registration, and participation in auctions is performed via a Bidder’s application.

Basic principles for holding e-auctions are creating a favorable environment for non-priviledged competition, general requirements and merits for objective assessment for all tenderers, guaranteeing equal rights and responsibilities to the participants, and enforcement of tender commitments.


To become a participant

To become a participant of the Electronic Auction System on export sales it is necessary:

1. To submit to the UE "Belarusian Oil Trade House" the following documents:

  • extract from the commerce register of the country of registration or Certificate of Good Standing (not senior than 6 months at the time of submission of documents)
  • Charter
  • Registration Certificate
  • the documents confirming power of the natural person, having the right on behalf of the applicant (power of attorney)

     All documents must be apostiled  (for the countries that join the Hague convention from October 15, 1961). Notarized translation into Russian is required.

    2. If the lots are traded with the security deposit, conclude Security Deposit Agreement and transfer fixed security deposit to the account of the UE "Belarusian Oil Trade House". If the lots are traded without the security deposit (oils, nefras), conclude PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT IN AUCTION.

    Documents send at the mail address: UE "Belarusian Oil Trade House" Dzerzhinskogo pr-t, 73, Minsk, 220116, Belarus

    3. Go to the page "Registration" in the appropriate section of the marketplace and fill in the offered form. 

    4. The accounting record will be activated after documents are presented and security deposit is transfered. For operative activation of the account recommended to contact the organizer of the auction.

    5. Install "Bidder's application". Links to install "Bidder's application", login and password will be sent by e-mail after activating your account.

    See also educational video.

    • Contacts

    Concerning agreements on participation in tenders on oil products sales, invoicing security deposits, please contact:
    Tel.: +375 17 277 1454 (Russian/English), Fax: +375 17 297 6302, e-mail:

    Concerning agreements on participation in tenders on chemical and petrochemical products sales please contact:
    Tel.: +375 17 277 1454, Fax: +375 17 297 6302, e-mail:

    For advice on working with electronic bidding and technical problems, please contact:
    Tel.: +375 17 277 21 If you experience problems, try to describe it as detailed as possible, the sequence of your actions that led to its emergence, and attach the text of allyour received messages at the same time, or screenshots. This will allow faster to determine the cause of the problem and fix it.

  • UE "Belarusian Oil Trade House"
    Republic of Belarus, 220116
    Minsk, Dzerzhinsky avenue, 73
    fax: +375 17 297-63-02

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